Mise à jour

To all my long term readers, and to anyone else who cares to read….

My apologies for my abrupt disappearance. A last-minute opportunity to do some travelling presented itself, and it was far too tempting to resist. Unfortunately, the time that I was travelling coincided with the date by which my web hosting account had to be renewed. Naturally, I was not exactly thrilled to find on my return that Easily Aroused had disappeared into the electronic ether.  But having gathered my thoughts, I decided to use the opportunity to effect some changes.

I’ve decided to opt for a free hosting service for a change. Easily Aroused started out on Indecent Blogging (which has long since ceased to exist) and I only transferred to my own domain and web space because of reliability issues. However, as I’ve learned, paying for hosting does not guarantee freedom from reliability issues. So here I am, back in the realm of the free hosting service. I’ll see how things develop.

When you pay for a hosting service, you can feel obliged to use it, in order to get full value for money. That puts pressure on you to write, and I find that in my case, pressure stifles creativity. So – logically – if the hosting is for free, maybe I won’t feel so pressured to write, and my creativity will have more of a chance to flow. Again, time will tell whether I’m speaking out of logic or out of my arse.

There is also a commercial aspect to this decision. Until now, my archives have been freely available to anyone who cared to dip into them. Maintaining an archive that spans back over four years isn’t always the most advantageous position for a writer who would like to see some financial benefit from his labours. For one thing, it provides the unscrupulous the opportunity to pick out older pieces and copy them in their entirety into their own web pages (it’s surprising how often this happens).

Last year, I published Compulsive Ardour, which brought many of my stories together in print. A number of people decided that they would like to have my work in a go-anywhere format; perhaps the disappearance of the archives will encourage new readers to treat themselves to a copy of Compulsive Ardour.

So … something of a new beginning. Don’t worry: new material will be coming very soon. And in the meantime, I’ll be working on developing the companion to Compulsive Ardour, which will also be available from Lulu.com in the near future.

My very best wishes to you all.


20 thoughts on “Mise à jour

  1. I am so happy to hear your absence wasn’t anything unfortunate and even happier to hear you will be writing more for us. You are an inspiration and your words are very lascivious.

    *does a happy dance*

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