Pulp Sex #2 – ‘Love Me Wild’

Just before Easily Aroused went off-line in July, I released Love Me Wild upon the world. A few readers quickly jumped on board that particular wagon before I vanished into the electronic ether. Now that I’m back, it seemed appropriate to relaunch the project.

Love Me Wild is the second tale in my ‘Pulp Sex’ short erotic fiction series, following-up #1, The Third Lust. Inspired by the covers of raunchy American paperbacks from the 1950’s and 1960’s, the release of these stories was meant to be something of a more regular occurrence. Given the gap between the respective publication dates of #1 (back in June 2007) and #2, it’s probably clear that things didn’t quite work out as I’d planned!

Anyway, here’s a bite-sized excerpt from #2:

“Hello, Jack,” Marcia said warmly.

Jack stood in silence, trying to gather his thoughts as he beheld the most unexpected of outlooks.

Both of the women were naked. As good as naked. His wife was wearing barely black nylon stockings topped with deep, lacy bands, held in place by a black garter belt. Asides from that, she was bare. Marcia herself was utterly nude. Her lightly tanned form gleamed alluringly in the low lighting.

Jack looked back and forth between them, unsure where his gaze ought to settle, not even sure if propriety mattered a damn in a situation like this. The straps of Julia’s garter belt curving over the tops of her creamy thighs teased and goaded his desire. The sight of his wife sitting naked side-by-side with this provocative, undeniably beautiful creature excited and troubled his imagination in ways he’d never dreamed possible. His heart felt as though it might beat its way out of his chest.

The weight of the silence was becoming crushing.

And being the degenerate meanie that I am, that’s all the taste you’re going to get. As with #1, if you want to know everything that happens in Love Me Wild, you’ll have to dip into your pocket and hand over a few pennies. That’s the cost of discovering the secrets of Jack Stanton’s encounter with his wife Julia, and the seductive and enigmatic Marcia Fleming.

The price? Well, for just $5.27, Lulu.com will have the story whizzed over to your inbox in PDF format. Again, as with #1, this is going to be the only way to enjoy Love Me Wild. Just as I promised with The Third Lust, this story won’t ever appear as a post on the blog. The only people who will read it will be those who ante up. Fair enough?

Purchase Love Me Wild via Lulu.com


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