The old version of ‘Easily Aroused’ used to have one category called ‘Twenty-five words or less’. Only having twenty-five words in which to capture a reader’s erotic imagination is a challenge to say the least. This time around, I’ve decided to quadruple the limit so that I’ll have a little more to work with. Hopefully, the results will prove the decision was a sound one.


NettedBlack netting clings to her, holding her within its fragile web. It sheathes her in vulnerability.

I’m transfixed by the lattice that criss-crosses her nakedness, envious of every line running across her skin. I want to trace each one with my fingertips and my tongue, hesitating at every intersection, savouring how her flesh yields beneath the delicate cords.

I ache to capture those proud nipples while they protrude so provocatively before me, then to fashion myself an opening in the net shielding her sex, so I can enter her, join with her, be one with her inside her sensual snare.

14 thoughts on “Netted

    1. Since I’m responsible for your new attitude, you’ll have to let me know how you and fishnet get on together. And if you should feel the urge to show me…

  1. There’s nothing like wearing fishnets… So glad you increased your word allowance. I like it better that way but then, you always leave me wanting more, no matter how many words you write.



  2. Mmmm…you have captured the sensousness of fishnet. I have fucked while wearing a fishnest bodystocking. Wonderfully erotic. I highly recommend.

    1. I can’t say I’ve worn one myself, BS, but I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some intimate time with a woman who has been so adorned, and I agree with your sentiments entirely…

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