“Take me home, tie me up,” she asks. I wait until there’s begging in her voice before I finish my drink.

She stands beneath the hook in the bedroom ceiling. I strip her slowly, never touching her flesh, only her clothes. I slip the rope around the hook, then set to passing it around her.

She trembles as I work.

I step back. The contrast of black cord against her skin is breathtaking.

She lifts her gaze. “Fuck me. Take me while I’m helpless to stop you.”

I wait until there’s begging in her voice before I start to undress.

27 thoughts on “Bound

  1. These short posts of yours are so teasing! I’m left considering all the possibilities as to how this exchange continued. I have pleaded to be tied up, and yes, he has made me wait until there’s begging in my voice. To say it aloud in public when out just together tips the balance enough to walk home with a quiet smile to ourselves.

    1. I was hoping the combination of an intriguing photograph and a brief glimpse into a sexual existence would fire the imagination. Seems like it’s inspired the memory as well in your case, Pandorah…

  2. You are incredible. I truly enjoy being “lovingly” dominated, and forced to beg for it. Your writing really gets me going and wanting more…please, please…OH PLEASE. Bravo…!!!

  3. Being made to beg is so intensely arousing, especially as it is hard for me to do. The promise of rope, though, is always a good start.

    Yummy as always.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties, Peter. Unfortunately, doesn’t allow the hosting of PayPal marketing buttons (other than donation buttons). Can you email me to advise me on how Lulu isn’t working?

    1. I’m a devil for providing hints of pleasure, Temptress, and then leaving my readers to expand on those glimpses by themselves. But I do enjoy providing fuller, more-rounded examples of erotica as well…

    1. The break and the new venue do seem to have uncorked my creativity somewhat, Lea. I’m pleased to hear that it’s still finding favour with you…

  4. Good morning. Have you ever considered writing about erotic lactation? I believe your talent would be beautifully suited to capture the heightened bond created by feeding a lover.

    1. I can honestly say that I haven’t, Diane, simply because it’s an aspect of sexuality that’s entirely outside of my experience. But thank you for thinking I would be well suited to that particular sub-genre…

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