ExtrovertThere’s wildness in her eyes tonight: furious, carnal, animalistic. I’d guessed how little she was wearing beneath her trench coat, but it’s still a surprise when she opens it wide in the sodium-lit street.

My heart races as I behold her lingerie-clad glory.

“Kiss me,” she sighs.

I approach tentatively, awed by the heat that’s coming off her in waves.

Her mouth is soft and warm and sweet. She tastes of lust and desire.

“Fuck me,” she asks, begs, demands, wantonly gripping the hardness within my trousers.

“People will see us.”

“I know,” she smiles slyly. “I want them to.”

16 thoughts on “Extrovert

  1. Made me think of a time several months ago when I was setting off for a rendez-vous with a new lover, I considered wearing only stockings & suspenders under my coat. Then I realised I’d have to go through airport security… maybe not such a good idea.
    I’m enjoying your renewed blog enthusiasm :-*

    1. What a pity that your new lover didn’t get to see you so deliciously attired, GGirl. I’m sure the airport security staff would have felt similarly deprived had they known of your decision. I can only imagine how charged you would have felt if you’d followed through with your initial instinct…

      (BTW, I’m pleased you’re enjoying the fresh vigour around these here parts)

  2. *Sigh*….I do love it when prey turns predator on occasion. And yeah…I noticed what Ggirl is saying. We have missed your regular contributions to our naughty psyche’s (and girl parts) baby.


    1. Predator / Prey. Hmm. That might make a good title for a future story. As for my previous lack of regular contributions, SG … hopefully your psyche (and other parts) are feeling suitable stimulated at the moment…

  3. So bold, so erotic. This reminds me an experience where an anonymous couple were having sex in the car next to me while we all sat in bump-to-bumper traffic in a post (American) football. They knew they were being watched, wanted to be watched. It was incredibly erotic.

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