Ajar“Come in,” she calls within seconds of his knock.

He pushes open the door and freezes, stunned; she’s waiting just inside, naked but for black panties and an angel’s face.

“Like?” she asks coquettishly.


She leads him to the couch, binds his wrists with his tie and then straddles his lap. She rips open his shirt, her keen teeth making his nipples rise, making his flesh sting. She presses herself against his hardness.

“We shouldn’t,” he gasps. “I’m your boss.”

She unzips him fluently, grasps his cock wantonly. “That’s why you’re here, Sir. That’s why I’m so fucking wet.”

17 thoughts on “Ajar

    1. More of these sorts of bite-sized morsels, SG, or of this particular scenario? I’m happy to oblige where I can, but I sometimes need an artful hand to guide me…

  1. Both..I don’t remember much of these switch themes from before. But…I likey!!!
    And really am just glad you are writing again. You could post recipes and we’d be by – you know?? 🙂


    1. Erotic recipes? Hmm, that sounds like an entertaining challenge. I’ll do my best to oblige you on the other fronts as well, ma’am…

  2. When I was a little girl, those lyrics, “Silk and satin, leather and lace, black panties with an angel’s face…” In my head, I imagined a pair of black panties with the face of an angel painted on the front of them.

    It makes me giggle to think of that now.

    Very nice story. Very hot and intriguing.

    1. A gold star for you, Dharma, for being first to comment on the Steve Miller connection – and I’m delighted you found this brief tale so engaging…

  3. Ahh Office sex!
    One of my all time favorite peversities!
    Sadly I never indulged when I worked in an office .. so I read and imagine~

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