Spoilt“I’ve a surprise for you,” he tells her. “Get ready.”

She bathes in warm cream and oil, depilates herself with precision, paints her nails the colour of conch. Then she wraps herself in a silk robe, and waits.

The doorbell rings.

“Answer it,” he says.

Three men stand waiting: mid-thirties, lean, strong. They smell of sweat and lust.

Her smile invites them inside.

Naked, she sprawls across his favourite chair, and their strong, greedy hands plunder her flesh.

“You spoil me, darling,” she gasps.

Three thousand miles away, he watches on his computer screen as they pleasure her, and smiles.

20 thoughts on “Spoilt

  1. I find the idea of a lover enjoying my pleasure like that so erotic – three men, though, still mostly scare me even as fantasy.

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