The Tale of the Bleeding Fingertips

I have a confession: I’m afraid that I won’t be doing much – if any – new writing for the blog this month.

Before you decide to make me attend the Headmaster’s (or Mistress’ – I’d much prefer that option) I do have a good excuse. At least, I think it’s a good excuse. I’ve entered NaNoWriMo.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. On November 1st 1999, twenty-one people committed themselves to write a 50000 word novel by midnight on November 30th. Six of them succeeded. It’s taken place every year since. On November 1st 2008, 119,301 people committed themselves to the same goal; 21,683 succeeded.

This year, I’ve chucked my hat in the ring too.

As the organisers say, this is about quantity, not quality. The idea is to force yourself to forgo the endless tweaking and micro-editing that normally happens. Just get the first draft out there, the crap as well as the good stuff, and then edit and revise in December.

So I’m not going to have a great deal of time for other work this month, I’m afraid. The going rate for a successful entrant is 1667 words a day. Today is day seven, and by midnight GMT, I’m supposed to have written 11667 words. At the time of writing (7.05pm GMT) I’m at 11019, so I’ve a bit of work to do yet. I won’t dally any longer then.

If you’re interested to know more about the project, pop on over to And if you want to keep tabs on how I’m doing, my profile page is available to read here.

(By the way, my novel is tentatively called ‘The Sisters’ – and it’s a tale of lust, betrayal, infidelity and revenge. And yes, it will have lots of sex)

36 thoughts on “The Tale of the Bleeding Fingertips

  1. Ooooh… Just read the synopsis. Intriguing! Good luck with your endeavour – hey! how about I meet you at the finish line with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and ice-cold Absolut and Jack Daniels and Laphroaig ( & a box of band-aid for those fingertips!)

  2. Very admirable and ambitious goal! Best of luck, I have no doubt that it will be a delectable tale.

    One of these days I’ll be organized enough to attempt NaNoWriMo.

  3. Happy Writing EA. I recently joined a writer’s group and the already published leader of the pack told us about this project about writing a novel in one month. Way too ambitious a project for a novice such as myself. But you EA are more than ready. Great Luck. Cannot wait to read the finished product. Will miss you of course. Wish me luck as I finally give in and try internet dating. Not sure about this, being the paranoid New Yorker that I am.

  4. Good luck EA, I am sure you can do it and look forward to seeing how it goes. Looking forward to seeing you back in December and something for my christmas stockings 😉

    1. Thank you, Sara. Now, as for presents – I’ll do my best to have something for your Christmas stockings so long as I can see you wearing them…

  5. Best of luck EA! I have no doubt that success will be yours! You will be missed, but as you know, we’ll all be here breathlessly awaiting your return!

    Happy writing and many thanks,


  6. Good luck with your endeavour EA – you seem to be on course at the moment . I hope it goes well and that inspiration continues to flow! Like your other readers, I’ll be looking forward to your return next month.

  7. Ohh what a hot synopsis~
    Guess I’ll just have to endure the visions of those bloody fingertips and wait til you return!
    All the best– I have a feeling it will be a story worth the wait.

  8. Sounds intriguing – perhaps at one point, you could throw us a bone (excerpt)?? Pushing yourself like this will have an interesting impact to the creative process I would think. Good luck!!

    1. If by ‘our story’ you referring to the novel I’ve been working on … I’m afraid you’re likely to be disappointed for a while yet. 50000 words hasn’t come close to finishing the story I’ve begun to tell. It’s likely to be a while yet before this puppy is ready for a place in the world’s bookcases…

  9. About 50 hours to go – I am in awe of your stamina and application – good luck with the home stretch! Oh, and I can’t wait to read ‘The Sisters’!

  10. But you did it! 50,000 words in a month is a brilliant achievement – and if it has inspired something even longer then so much the better! I am so looking forward to reading it – whenever that might be.

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