He sits in darkness, listening to the steady thud of the pump within his chest. He’s completely naked, and the base of the leather seat is finally warming against his buttocks. He tests himself against the bonds lashing him to the chair, but the knots at his wrists and his ankles have been tied with great care and precision. There are a few millimetres of slack, but only enough to frustrate him. After a while, he surrenders to his captivity.

He hears footsteps approaching the bedroom door. It swings open, but the light on the landing has been switched off, so he sees nothing. He hears someone step inside the room, and the door clicks shut.

“Ready?” says a woman’s voice.

He knows that she’s not speaking to him. There’s a piece of duct tape sealing his mouth shut.

“Yes,” another female voice answers.

A table lamp clicks on, instantly illuminating the room in warm light. The two women stand before him; one of them is blonde, the other is auburn. They’re both attired in corsets that caress and enhance the sensuous curves of their bodies. The blonde’s corset is jet black, with pleated edging along the top and bottom of the bodice. The redhead’s corset is a rich burgundy, with heavy black lacing across her full bust and the tops of her thighs. Both are wearing suspenders and black nylon stockings, and stiletto-heeled shoes. Neither of them is wearing panties.

The women are also both wearing masks. The blonde’s is an ornate masquerade mask, held in place by a piece of ivory ribbon tied behind her head. The redhead’s is a simpler affair, a plain black domino mask, secured with black silk.

“Do you like what you see?” the blonde asks.

“Are you excited by what’s before you?” the redhead enquires.

He nods.

“Then we’ll begin,” they say in perfect unison.

The blonde steps forward. She draws her perfectly manicured nails across his skin – down his back and his arms, across the tops of his shoulders and over his chest. She drags them along his belly and the tops of his thighs, never pressing too hard, never causing pain. He can barely see where she’s been, but he can feel. By the time she stops, his skin is afire with the sensation.

His cock is very hard now, the glans vivid in its fierce redness. He wants the women to marvel at his length, his girth. He wants them to become wet at the sight of him, to yearn to feel its weight in their hands, to feel its thickness filling them.

The blonde, however, pays his manhood no attention. Her nails deliberately avoided it, and now she turns away from him to where her companion stands watching and kisses her slowly, thoroughly.

The sight of their mouths waxing and waning together only makes him harder, needier.

The blonde returns, leading the redhead by the hand. With his ankles secured to the chair legs, his thighs are already spread wide. They kneel between his open legs, their gazes alternating between his face and his loins.

“He has a beautiful cock,” the blonde says. “I’ll give him that.”

“I’ve always enjoyed it,” the redhead responds.

The blonde draws a single fingernail along the underside of his shaft. His cock twitches, and he shudders uncontrollably.

“He likes that,” the redhead sighs.

“He’ll like our mouths even more.” The blonde leans forward and runs her tongue along the very same path her fingernail charted. He shudders again at the sensation of wet velvet against his shaft. The redhead leans into him as well, her tongue caressing the skin between his balls as the blonde’s tongue swirls across his glans.

Oh fuck, he thinks. He tries saying it as well, but the tape sealing his mouth shut prevents him from doing anything beyond muttering incomprehensibly.

Now they lick his shaft in unison, the blonde on one side, the redhead on the other, alternating their strokes, one going up as the other comes down. Occasionally, they break off to kiss one another in the same languid fashion as their tongues collide upon him. Then they begin the pleasuring again, painting his hard flesh with their warm saliva.

He can scarcely believe what he’s seeing, what he’s feeling.

The blonde withdraws and stands up. The redhead remains where she is, sucking gently upon his balls in turn, as her dainty hand works up and down his length. The blonde stands next to his right thigh, facing away from him. She looks down at the redhead.

“Do you mind?” she asks.

“Not at all.”

The blonde straddles his thighs, still facing away from him. She squats slightly, lowering herself until her sex is just above the head of his cock. The redhead smiles lasciviously. Still holding him by the shaft, she uses him to tease the blonde, working his cockhead back and forth along the blonde’s cleft. She feels very, very wet to him. He can feel her flesh parting, opening, as he’s drawn towards the portal to her cunt. The desire to thrust forward, to embed himself within her, is immense, but he can’t move at all. Those knots were tied carefully for a good reason.

The redhead begins to use his cockhead against the blonde’s clitoris; she moves it lightly, quickly, across the sensitive nub. He can barely feel the contact, but he knows that it exists. He can tell from the way the blonde is writhing over him, little sighs of pleasure escaping from between her pursed lips.

“I can’t stand this anymore,” she whimpers.

“Then don’t,” the redhead says.

He feels his cockhead being positioned before the entrance to the blonde’s sex once more. This time, she doesn’t wait, doesn’t tease. She lowers herself slowly, taking him inside her. She doesn’t stop until her thighs rest against his, and his cock is fully immersed in the heat and the wetness of her silken flesh.

“Oh, yes,” she cries out softly. “Oh, yes.”

She begins to rise and fall over his length, slowly at first, her pace quickening more swiftly than he had expected. The teasing has evidently affected her as much as it has him. She grips one of his thighs with one hand, whilst she presses the other against her clit. He can feel the tips of her fingers against the underside of his shaft as she frantically pleasures herself.

“Fuck, I’m coming already,” she cries out, and her body convulses as her orgasm passes through her.

She climbs off him, stepping to one side on legs that look distinctly unsteady. She looks down at the redhead, who has done nothing but watch since the blonde mounted him.

“I know why you’ve always enjoyed his cock,” the blonde says in a voice that is close to trembling.

The redhead smiles, but says nothing. Instead, she leans forward again, and his cock is suddenly engulfed by her mouth. She greedily laps and sucks at his hard flesh, and he knows that she is relishing the taste of the other woman’s lust.

His head falls back on his shoulders as he surrenders himself to the pleasures of her insistent mouth. Then he hears the noise of a drawer sliding open, and he looks to see the blonde withdrawing something from the bedside cabinet. She steps into the harness and eases it up her legs. The harness is fashioned from leather; at the centre of the pad that sits over her loins is a long, smooth phallus. Both the harness and the phallus are as jet black as her corset.

She secures the harness in place, then walks back towards him. The phallus bobs hypnotically as she walks. She stops next to him and takes hold of the tape across his mouth. She yanks suddenly, tearing it away from his skin, setting fire to the nerve endings in his face.

She grips his chin and lifts his face towards hers. Her eyes are fiercely slitted.

“She’s sucking you,” she says. “Now you suck me.”

She presses the phallus towards his mouth. He tries to turn his face away, but the grip on his chin is strong.

“Do it,” she says. “Or the pleasure ends right now.”

He flirts with the idea of telling her to keep her pleasure, but when he glances down at the redhead, she is watching him intently, waiting for his reaction. As their eyes meet, she nods, almost imperceptibly.

The blonde presses the phallus to his lips. It’s cold against his mouth, the taste and the aroma both unappetizingly synthetic. He lets her penetrate him, the smooth silicone slipping over his tongue. He feels compromised, sordid, but he can see how much it excites the blonde to see him sucking her cock whilst the redhead is sucking his.

After a while, she withdraws and walks around behind the redhead. She kneels down, her hands running over the redhead’s full buttocks. The blonde watches his face as she slips her hands between the redhead’s thighs, and the redhead’s mouth stiffens around his shaft as the blonde penetrates her with her fingers. The blonde makes a show of lifting her glistening fingers to her own mouth and savouring the redhead’s juices.

“Delicious,” she says, and the man’s mouth waters at the memory of the exquisite taste.

The blonde shuffles closer behind the redhead, holding the gleaming black phallus in one hand, easing it forward. Again, the redhead’s mouth stiffens around his shaft as the blonde penetrates her. The blonde grips the redhead about the waist, pulling her back onto her long strokes.

The redhead moans softly against his flesh, over and over and over as the blonde fucks her sensually, savagely. Eventually, her mouth has to relinquish its hold upon him. She continues to hold his shaft in one hand, her free hand snaking between her thighs so that she can plunder her clitoris; the blonde smiles triumphantly as the redhead presses herself back to meet each powerful thrust.

The redhead rests the side of her damp face against one of his thighs. “Fuck yes!” she cries. “Yes, yes, yes!” Her hand works his flesh absently, sporadically, as she loses herself in her own gratification, as her consciousness is consumed by the fires of her flesh.

Gradually, the blonde stops, withdraws, gets back to her feet. She rubs her hand along the length of her glistening shaft, parodying every man she’s ever witnessed performing the same act. He thinks it looks bizarre, and yet it’s still strangely erotic.

“It’s good,” she says in a low voice. “But it’s a poor substitute for the sensation of real, hard flesh.”

And as though she’s been commanded, the redhead gets unsteadily to her feet and straddles his thighs without a word. Unlike the blonde, she chooses to face him, and as she slowly lowers herself onto him, she kisses him lingeringly, passionately, her tongue teasing and provoking his own. She tastes faintly of cock.

He opens his eyes and looks past her shoulder. The blonde has stripped off her harness and is lying on the bed, her fingers caressing the rich lips of her smoothly waxed sex as she watches the redhead rising and falling over his flesh. He looks deep into her liquid eyes, trying to divine what other sensual adventures she is already feverishly fermenting.

79 thoughts on “Restraint

  1. Simply sublime! What more can I say – other than to carry on the theme of alliteration, so also wickedly wanton, deliciously decadent, sizzingly sexy, amazingly arousing…………..?! (It’s a good thing you’re the writer rather than me!)

  2. I love your writing! It really makes me feel I am there…
    Btw, I added you to my new, humble blogroll. Hope it’s ok (i’m a newie at blogging :$)
    I’ll be waiting for some more 😉

  3. I like how real you made it feel – how they teased, how he didn’t want to do everything he did. It made if feel more real and that much more erotic. Can’t wait for your next story.

  4. It has been more than 15 days…. Is it famine…all you energy went to NANO :-/

    How about an early Xmas gift, especially for the ones stranded in the snow ???

    1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rather drained after NaNoWriMo, Lady – but I have been working on something new. You should keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of days…

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  6. Making and wearing venetian masks has always been an artistic outlet of mine. I don’t think I will be able to wear or create another mask without thinking of this story.
    Bravo, sir.

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