Bonne Année

For those who think I’ve been rather inactive on the writing front for a while … you’re absolutely right. I’ve been sat on my duff, eating and drinking heartily, singling merrily, and dancing like a man with legs of uneven length and pants full of ants. Writing of any sort has been the last thing on my mind. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way not to be left alone with a keyboard. I even considered selling my house just so I wouldn’t have to go in my study this month.

Alas, my reticence where writing was concerned was bound to dry up eventually. A little while ago, a fellow blogger mentioned that she was about to celebrate her blogiversary, and she asked if I would consider writing something to mark the occasion. And being a man who doesn’t like disappointing women, I said I’d try and come up with a suitable piece.

So if you’d like to read it, you’ll need to take a little trip over to From There To Here, where you can read my new tale of Eros, The Falls.

In the meantime … a happy, successful and – most importantly of all – peaceful New Year to you all.


31 thoughts on “Bonne Année

  1. Your writing is exquisite no matter where it is…

    And please keep on being merry and happy, but never forget your keyboard.

    For heavens sake DON’T sell your house at least not during the winter months…where would you sleep??????


  2. “dancing like a man with legs of uneven length and pants full of ants.”… taking dance lessons from Mr Bean, EA???

    Hope the New Year brings a book deal, a best seller & wealth beyond the dreams of avarice!

    1. Thank you for the good wishes, Xanthe. Mind you, I’d happily settle for a book deal, a best seller and enough money to put a down payment on an Aston Martin DBS…

      (BTW Bean and I are good friends. In fact, he’s the inspiration behind many of my male protagonists)

  3. Happy New Year EA! May much success and happiness be yours!

    So delighted to see an update from you. I was totally able to place myself into your words and enjoy the ride. – As always!

    Thank you for the glorious ride!


  4. There’s nothing wrong with sitting on your duff as long as you’re doing your kegel and pelvic floor exercises at the same time. We wouldnt want that love muscle to atrophy 😛

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