VistasHe holds the apartment door open for her, and she steps inside without a hint of hesitation. The floor-to-ceiling windows are always a drawer to visitors, and she is no exception. Her eyes are locked to the view of the city as she walks across the room. He pours two fingers of whisky into a pair of heavy crystal tumblers while she stands before the vista like a mesmerised child.

“It’s beautiful,” she half-whispers.

“I know.”

She turns and smiles at him. “You’re a confident bastard, aren’t you?”

“I can’t afford not to be.”

She sashays back towards him, slipping out of her long coat and draping it across the leather sofa with a casual grace. Her dark blue dress fastens along its front, and the first two buttons are already undone, inviting passing gazes towards her flawless cleavage. She sees that his attention is focused where she wants it, and she smiles. Her fingers toy with the next button.

“And what do you think of the view inside?”

“It’s getting better all the time.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls you pick up in expensive bars and bring back to your penthouse.”

“Only the really beautiful ones.”

Her smile deepens involuntarily. “How do you know that I’m really beautiful?”

He puts her drink down on the smoked glass coffee table and takes a sip of his own. “You’re going to show me.”

She slowly unbuttons her dress, her eyes never leaving his. The fact that the world could be watching as well doesn’t seem to trouble her. She opens the dress wide and lets it fall down her arms to the floor. The cups of her black brassiere are diaphanous lace, her rising nipples plainly visible through the material. The design matches her suspender belt, and the thin black lines descending her thighs whip at his senses. She wears no panties, and her freshly waxed pubis gleams in the half-light.

“How’s the view now?”


She laughs. “Are you ever lost for words?”

“Not yet.”

She steps closer, so that he can feel her heat, so that he can inhale her perfume again. The tips of his fingers tingle with his eagerness to stroke the subtle curves of her body.

Her lips are millimetres from his.

“I’d like to be there when it finally happens,” she breathes.

“I wouldn’t.”

Their first kiss is intense, searing. He cups one of her breasts with his free hand and forces the thickness of his erection against the nakedness of her mound. Her tongue surges over his and she gasps into his mouth. She reaches down to fumble with his zipper and one of her hands snakes inside his trousers, grasping him through his Equmen shorts.

“Fuck me,” she gasps. “Now.”

He grabs her hand, intending to lead her to the bedroom.

“No. Here.”

She turns away from him and lies face down on the deep pile carpet. Her thighs splay invitingly as she looks out across the world.

He doesn’t bother even trying to undress. There’ll be time for that later. Maybe. He undoes his belt and pushes his trousers and his shorts down to the middle of his thighs. He kneels between her open legs and then stretches himself over her, taking his weight on his hands and his knees. The head of his cock nestles into the heat of her sex and he presses forward without hesitation. He enters her like hot steel passing through soft butter.

“Oh fuck!” she gasps as she takes his full length.

He fucks her hard and fast from the very first stroke, knowing that it won’t last, can’t last, that it isn’t meant to. She doesn’t look back at him once. The whole time, her gaze is locked to the view across the city. He’s sure that she comes, and as she does so, she slaps her palm against the window closest to her face. The sound of flesh against glass reverberates briefly. Then he feels the sap rising through his own loins, and he grunts bestially as the tremors radiate through his belly and his viscous lust erupts deep inside her. She cries out as she feels him spurting against her velvet flesh, and her fingers convulse against the cool glass as she climaxes again.

They breathe heavily in unison for a few minutes, watching the world, not caring if the world watches them.

“My name’s Maria,” she says after a while.


“It’s quite a view you have, Nathan.”

He smiles wryly. “Maria, I was about to tell you the very same thing.”

41 thoughts on “Vistas

    1. I’m fairly sure E. M. Forster wouldn’t have agreed with you, CM – but I for one am glad that you approved of my version…

  1. Mmmm… I enjoyed that little tale very much, particularly as by strange coincidence I happened to make the aquaintance of a particularly minxy Maria recently…*and* her partner. The result? Debauchery, of course!

  2. Yes, it’s definitely good to have you back EA …. but I was sorry to read your ‘atrophy’ comment in your other post. With your imagination – and your ability to express it in words – your should be getting as much ‘exercise’ as you can handle!

      1. Whilst my own PA would surely disagree, I feel this position could well be within my capabilities – and problem solving is definitely one of my strengths ……

        1. Excellent! I look forward to receiving a full job description and some suggested interview dates ……

  3. Glad the hiatus is over. You were greatly missed. But you sure chose the wrong time to post, when I was out of town practicing my own vista.

    Thank you again…and yes it was a looooooong month 😉

    1. At least you had a pleasant surprise to come back to, Lady. And my apologies for the long hiatus – but a boy needs to recharge his batteries from time to time…

      1. It is always a pleasant surprise to find out that you wrote something. You usually surpass yourself.

        Keep us hanging, we love it. ox

  4. I’m sorry that it took me this long to find that you posted a lovely story just one day after my birthday! Many thanks!

    You’ve outdone yourself particularly with that stunning paragraph – The references to the glass put me in mind of another of your powerful entries about glass. I’m sure you remember the one I mean.

    You never fail to arouse me.

  5. Best. Thing. Ever.

    I love this. It is really close to one of my fantasies, except it is written much better than what I had in my head. Love it.

  6. Welcome back … wow… you were deeply missed. Kept coming back to see if you’d written almost everyday and was delighted to read the latest. Wish I could get the husband and boyfriend to read your blog… be heaven then! And can I also apply for a job with you? Perhaps your assistant in the southern hemisphere? 🙂

  7. Outstanding! The writing here is just amazing! Wow! And it was a good story… lol I am most impressed in your ability to bring imagery with such exceptional style. LOVED it!

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