I almost didn’t bother mentioning this, but in the end, I thought: What the hell. It’s a reasonably significant event. And something of an achievement, too. So here goes.

It’s exactly five years since Easily Aroused first appeared. Happy birthday to me.

I plan on doing something special to celebrate half a decade of relatively creative filth. Once I know what that is, I’ll let you all know too.





Thank you to all those who’ve taken the time to send me their best wishes – they’re all much appreciated. For those who are interested in reading the work from my archives, check out EA in Print. As a bonus, here are a couple of check out codes you can use at to bring the price of your purchases down:

VOLCANO: 10% off the total price of your order

FREEMAILUK305: £2.99 towards the cost of postage

Unfortunately, the codes can’t be used in combination with each other, or any other offers.

30 thoughts on “Cinq

  1. Yes oh Yes….


    You do know what an impact you have had on many of us??? And to stay five years in this particular corner of blog land is amazing.

    Thanks for the heart you put into this endeavor and we will wish you many more posts to fill the heart with decadent beauty that is EA.


    1. I know that I’ve received a good deal of incredibly warm and flattering feedback over the five years, SG … but I endeavour to keep my feet on the ground, and so I never make any assumptions about the impact I do or don’t have. But thank you for the lovely words all the same…

  2. Congratulations on your achievement! I’ve already told you how much of an impact your writing has had on my life – all I can add is a heartfelt THANK YOU! I hope your creative juices continue to flow and that you continue your generosity in sharing your superb writing with us all.

    Enjoy your celebrations – I’ll raise a glass to you later! xx

  3. Happy Birthday ~EA!

    Your beautiful way with words has meant that you have become the epitome of the tall, dark, handsome stranger for so many of us and holding that position for five years is a fabulous achievement x

    1. Thank you kindly, Joanna. All I need now is a rack to stretch myself beyond 5’6″, thirty minutes in a spray-on tanning booth and around £40000’s worth of plastic surgery, and I’ll be able to fulfil your image of me…

  4. Happy Birthday, E!!! Congratulations on FIVE years!

    THANK YOU for sharing and helping me open my sheltered/naive mind. Your writings inspire my wildest dreams. Long may the “juices” flow! 😉

    By a show of hands – who’s up for a co-ed nekkid bday party? 😉


    1. Thank you, Deb. If I’ve really had that positive effect upon you, then I’m delighted. By the way, my hand is the one that’s waving around madly…

  5. Happy and lucky 5 years to us..But mainly thank you for sticking around for so long.

    We are the lucky ones.


  6. Happy Birthday EA!

    Since I’m selfishly wishing for at least five more, may the Muses and Goddesses of Sex, Filth and Sensuality shower you in beauties aplenty, magnums of Cristal, threads by Armani, Ford and Zegna, and everything else the Master of Erotica sorely desires…

    Thank you for the truly exquisite and seductive words. x

    1. How can I possibly reply adequately to such effusive good wishes? Thank you, Minx – I’m thrilled to be thought of so highly…

  7. Your writing has inspired me for quite some time.. inspired many things, I might add!

    Happy birthday yes!–this is quite an accomplishment to maintain such high quality of expression and excitement for five full years! Thank you!

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