Risqué Abstracts #41

I can’t stay long. I’ve only just got out of the shower, and I’m sitting here in just a silky shirt and with soaking wet hair.

~Well, thank you for leaving me with a beguiling image. I have to admit, the wet hair look on a woman always quickens my pulse.

I feel sexy when my hair is tousled and wet.

~It’s hardly surprising that you feel that way. You’re a sexy woman – full stop.

Thank you, kind sir.

~Are you going to tell me where you’re in a rush to get to?

I’m being taken out for drinks. Cocktails, actually.

~Nice. And what’s your cocktail of choice.

Well, Pina Coladas are lovely, but they’re so calorific.

~I know lots of pleasurable ways to work those calories back off you.

Don’t try distracting me. I can’t be late. I’m rather partial to a Moscow Mule as well.

~I’ll bear that in mind, Comrade.

Apparently, whisky, Amaretto and Red Bull makes a Wet Pussy.

~Sounds delicious. I’ve been rather looking forward to making one of those myself, only without the alcohol.

That would be a Virgin Wet Pussy, you fiend!

~What do they call it if you make one by slowly thrusting your hard cock back and forth along the valley of a woman’s cunt?

You’re making me really horny now. Thank you so much.

~You’re not alone in feeling that way.

I ought to tell you all about how hard my nipples have become, and how obvious they are when I’m wearing this top, but I won’t do that to you.

~It’s so thoughtful of you to withhold that information. Please allow me to return the courtesy by not mentioning how hard my cock is, and by not describing how it’s straining the front of my trousers in its eagerness to be released.

Very kind of you, sir. I’m not sure if I’ll have much opportunity to stay in touch over the weekend. We’re doing some redecorating, and there’s an awful lot of wallpaper that needs stripping.

~Don’t worry. I’ll amuse myself by thinking about stripping you, and then sinking my cock all the way inside you.

You are so bad. I love it.

~Right now, I want to taste how wet you are … and to make you wetter. So yes, you’re right: I’m bad. Very bad.

And I’m very wet.

~Ready to accept a hard, thick cock then?

Oh, yes! So much so that I want to touch myself now.

~Why don’t you, then? I am.

Oh, fuck. All I seem able to think out is you fucking me hard from behind, and my face buried in Samantha’s cunt.

~That’s a lovely thought. I’ve been thinking of slipping my cock from your cunt to Samantha’s and back again as I orgasm, spurting my come into both of you.

Christ, I’m soaking already.

~And I’ve been thinking of fucking you while her tongue is flickering wildly against your clitoris.

God, yes! I want to do that.

~Than you shall. I promise.

You should feel me now.

~I want to. I want to cup your cunt in my palm and feel your heat, your fullness, your wetness, while my tongue paints your nipples, and my cock thrusts against the outside of your thigh.

It’s no good. I’m going to have to make myself come.

~Good. Think of my cock erupting deep inside you as you climax. Think of my heavy balls against the cheeks of your arse, and my wife’s wet cunt smeared against your mouth.

You should be watching me now.

~I wish I were.

Fuck, that was wonderful. I have absolutely no self-control.

~One of the many reasons I enjoy you so much.

Thank you … I think. Now I really do have to leave. Stop seducing me with your filthy tongue.

~I make no promises, Madame….


23 thoughts on “Risqué Abstracts #41

  1. you still have the power to leave me aching for the forbidden …. and make your reality my reality …. a fantasy waiting to be explored

    1. Thank you for telling me, Lycaness, because I do so enjoy making you ache, making you want to explore realities and fantasies alike…

  2. L O V E the witty banter. I’ve always been in the “…rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy” crowd. Your writings are intoxicating & addictive. You’re my favorite ‘poison’. Thanks, again, E!

  3. I have always enjoyed these abstracts EA… the heat is palatable in the dialogue here. And as usual NS nailed it, wet pussy definitely goes with reading EA.


    1. Ah! Well, in that case, I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, Dara – unless you have any suggestions to the contrary, of course…

      1. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting a single change to such a talented wordsmith, EA. I will simply continue as I have…reading, imagining, fantasizing and, of course, shivering…

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