Risqué Abstracts #42

OTKI don’t know why, and this is terrible, but I actually quite like the thought of infuriating you. Is that dreadful?

~No. Since if you infuriated me sufficiently, I would have to put you over my knee and properly rebuke you.

I think that’s probably why I’d like to do it.

~You mean you like the idea of being across my lap, with one of my hands holding your wrists behind your back, while the other hand pulled up the hem of your dress, and then slowly drew down your panties until they were around the middle of your thighs, baring your arse to my gaze … and my palm?

Oh, yes. I would love that. Completely love it. Do you think you’d like that too?

~My stiffening cock tells me that I would.

Mmmm, how lovely.

~Beginning with a light smack on each cheek, slowly alternating back and forth, the slaps becoming a little harder each time, just warming your skin, making it glow. Each smack making your arse jiggle fetchingly, the movement transmitting itself to the tops of your thighs, and the lips of your cunt.

Yes, exactly like that. And of course I’d wriggle a little, perhaps push my bottom up a little, arch my back, maybe open my legs a little too.

~So that I could slip my hand between your thighs and lightly stroke your sex with my fingertips?

Yes, in between spanks.

~How many strokes do you think it would take to make you wet?

I think that just laying across your lap, just the mere fact of being over your thighs, knowing what was to come, would make me ever so wet.

~Do you think I would be able to feel you trembling as you lay over my thighs?

I think so, yes. I think I would be incredibly aroused.

~And if I were to cup your cunt with my hand … would you feel hot against my palm?

Oh, yes, I would feel hot. And I would have to press myself to your hand. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

~And what if I lightly smacked my fingers against your full lips?

Then I would gasp and moan.

~You’d take pleasure from feeling my hand smacking your cheeks first, and then your hot, moist cunt?

Yes, I would. I would feel so aroused, I think it would make me come quite quickly.

~Tell me how much pleasure thinking about it is giving you.

Right now? It’s making me squirm a little in my seat. I can tell my panties will already be a little damp because I have a lovely aching feeling in my cunt.

~I’d love to be able to smell the scent of your arousal right now, as it’s beginning to bloom. I’d love to be able to look at you as I explored you with my fingertips, opening you so that I can see just how wet you are, tracing your lust.

Oh, yes. I love the thought of you looking at me like that, telling me how wet I am.

~Wetting my finger inside you, and then tracing the edge of your mouth so you can see how wet you are for yourself, so that you can taste your own lust?

Yes. Sucking your finger, looking into your eyes as you touch me. Oh fuck!

~Easing two fingers deep inside you, curling them up so that I can caress your G-spot, my thumb against your clitoris.

You know I’d just push and grind against you.

~Yes. That’s what I want. For you to abandon yourself to the pleasure you’re feeling, to surrender yourself to me.

I’d love that … to let go completely….


24 thoughts on “Risqué Abstracts #42

  1. I have that lovely aching feeling, too… and the panties to go with it.

    Nothing quite as lovely as red palm prints on a white bottom. Oh fuck.. now you have delayed my dinner.

    1. Nothing quite like having the matching panties to go with that ache, is there Lady D? My apologies about dinner though….

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