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I’m something of a stereotypical Englishman: cool and courteous on the surface, yet burning inside with decadent and erotic desires. It happens that I adore women and I adore sex, and so writing about them together as evocatively, sensually and stylishly as I can comes as naturally to me as drawing breath.

I’ve been publishing my erotic fiction on-line since April 2005, in which time I’ve received over a million visitors and more than 3000 comments.  Alas, the old archives from that previous website have vanished into the ether, but my work is still available to read in my first two collections of short erotica, Compulsive Ardour, which can be purchased from and from, and Zealous Kisses, which can be purchased exclusively from  I’ve also published a book of noir-tinted erotic fiction titled Five Sips of Darkness, which is also available to purchase from both and

Finally, if you find yourself reading something that you find stirring or provocative, for whatever reason, please feel free to leave a comment, or to send me an email:


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